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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Karate Website! We’ve been teaching Self Defence and Martial Arts to families on the Sunshine Coast since 2000.

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Dear Friend,

Let’s face it! Between work, school, making dinner and keeping up with the house we are all strapped for time! Can you believe that in 2006 restaurants did more business than supermarkets? Yes it’s true and that was the first year that ever happened!

What’s that you say?

Right… We all have to deal with more stress and a faster pace than any other generation in the history of our country. There’s no end in site either, we’re only going to get busier.

It’s ok to get busy and get more accomplished, as long as your mental and physical health doesn’t suffer. As long as the relationships that your have with the people that our closest to you don’t fall apart in the process!

Households suffer from communication problems and kids crave time with their parents all because of our new way of life. If these problems go unattended to the results can be devastating- just flip on the news any night and see for yourself!

I’ve got a Secret that only a select group of people in Kuluin, Maroochydore, Buderim, Pacific Paradise, Bli Bli and Twin Waters, know about…

And you’re about to discover it first hand….

My name is Martin Phillips and together with my wife Sandra Phillips we are the owners of Sunshine Coast Karate in Maroochydore. I’ve been a Professional Martial Arts instructor on the Sunshine Coast for 19 years.

Over the years I’ve helped adults and children achieve fantastic life-enhancing results through our specialised self defence, martial arts, fitness and personal development program!

Donnell Cook

“Not only has his confidence been restored, but he loves karate with a passion…”

Our grandson (Donell) joined Karate over two years ago, to build up his confidence, after being bullied at school.

We have always supported our children in any sport they chose to participate in, so it was only natural to support our grandson.

All our expectations have been far exceeded, as not only has his confidence been restored, but he loves karate with a passion, and that is due to the Phillips family and their teachings.

We have meet some lovely people in a very family orientated Dojo.

Sandra and Martin have become great friends and are wonderful mentors to Donell.

The respect and love they show to everyone they come into contact with is outstanding.

We would personally recommend, to all ages, The Sunshine Coast Karate Dojo with Sensei’s Sandra and Martin Phillips.

Kind regards

Sheryl and Reg Doeg (Nana and Popa)

(Donnell, pictured to the left, with Mum)



“It is a pleasure to have all three children doing something together…”

The best thing we have ever done for our son George is to sign him up for Karate. He had been looking for awhile for a fulfillment outside school life and Karate encompasses it all. Not only has his fitness level improved, but many other aspects including his concentration and organization. Sandra, Martin and Rhys are seriously motivated teachers with a passion for their art, and an ability to make everyone feel good about themselves.

Since George joined earlier in the year, his older sister Elizabeth has joined and now his twin, Nicola has also just joined, despite her determination to be different. For us it is a pleasure to have all three children doing something together. What we particularly like about Karate is that it is an individual journey performed in a group setting. The groups are very flexible, mixed and can be of all ages.

Getting on, respect, self discipline, fun, exercise are just some of the benefits. I would sincerely recommend Sunshine Coast Karate to anyone.

Jennifer Britchford



Through our program your child will learn the

Fundamentals of LEADERSHIP:

  • Courage
  • Follow Through
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Work
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Control
  • and the list goes on and on.

It doesn’t matter whether your child is out of shape or a star athlete. Martial-arts training will increase their flexibility, stamina and overall health.  I have seen so many kids who were at first, over weight or felt physically inadequate transform their appearance and their confidence in themselves by becoming physically fit through our self defense and martial arts programs at Sunshine Coast Karate.

I have seen many star athletes gain the winning edge with the techniques they learn in martial-arts. Over the years I’ve also watched asthmatic children develop the ability to breathe easier.

Our schedule at Sunshine Coast Karate is very flexible, so it doesn’t matter whether your child plays soccer, baseball, football, or basketball. It’s no problem if they are doing dance, ballet, or gymnastics.  Actually the busier kids are the better.  We have plenty of martial arts classes each week at Sunshine Coast Karate for you to choose from, so it will always fit in.

Face It! Kids develop a sense of Self-Confidence by becoming good at something. With consistent practice and effort on their part they will become good at martial-arts. I talk with many parents who express concern for their child “sticking with” a program once they begin. That’s not a problem at Sunshine Coast Karate because we have systematic approach to keeping kids and adults motivated!

At Sunshine Coast Karate we closely monitor our students and we show them how to overcome challenges and obstacles, not give in to them!  This alone is priceless because our students learn the importance of follow through and commitment.  The bottom line is that children in our self defence and martial arts program experience breakthroughs that set them up for future success.

Sunshine Coast Karate Show Students (Young and Old) How to FOLLOW THROUGH ON GOALS!

Here’s what YOU can expect…

Liam & William Richards

“Most important Sunshine Coast Karate has family classes and I am able to train with my son in the same class…”

I have been training with Martin and Sandra Philips at Sunshine Coast Karate for almost 12 months and am looking forward to continuing for a lot longer. In that time I have attended a number of gradings on my way toward the attainment of my black belt. I chose SCK as the dojo for myself and my son to train at mainly due to the professionalism of the organisation and the level of passion shown by Shihan Martin and Sensei Sandra for their craft.

For me, Karate has a number of benefits. Firstly the health benefits from being physically active, also karate focuses on a strong core which is very beneficial for lower back problems. Secondly I use the training sessions as a fantastic way to relieve stress, what is better to help rid your problems of the day or week than punching or kicking a training bag or your training partner! Thirdly and most important SCK has family classes and I am able to train with my son in the same class. Not only do we train together but there is also fantastic activities organized by the SCK team like tournaments, social days and my favorite the annual camps where we attend one of the state run facilities for two days of Karate and other family fun.

For my son, the main benefit is the extra confidence and self esteem that comes with training in a martial art as well as the discipline instilled in the kids from a young age.

I would be more than happy to recommend Martin and Sandra Phillips and Sunshine Coast Karate especially for those wanting to train with their families.

Liam Richards

(Liam pictured left with his son William)


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