Kids Karate (4-14 Yrs)

Here’s The Childhood Development Secret That Will Have YOUR CHILD Confident, Focused, More Respectful, and More Athletic In 28 Days Or Less…  100% Guaranteed!

The Secret You’re About To Discover Will Give YOUR CHILD…

  • The Self-Esteem To Believe They Can Do What They Put Their Minds To.
  • The Self-Assurance and Personal Confidence To Say NO To Unhealthy Peer Pressure When The Time Undoubtedly Comes.
  • The Poise and Mental Toughness To Stand Up To The Bully Without Violence.
  • The Ability and Know-How To Set and Achieve Powerful Goals.
  • The Physical Fitness That Will Help Them In Any Sport That They Want To Play.
  • The Concentration Skills To Put Them Or Keep Them On The Honor Roll.

Dear Sunshine Coast Parent,

Do you know the keys to raising a Happy, and Successful child?

How about the secrets to cutting through all the clutter and distractions and really teaching your child the Core life skills that they need forever?

Or the Secret Formula for developing the character that makes a kid a Leader NOT Follower?

If Not, You Soon Will..

I’ve got some good news because there’s a school in Maroochydore just for parents and families who really understand that the foundation they give their kids NOW are the keys to their success later in life!

Yes, it’s true and you won’t believe how simple it really is to instill in your young one all the Core life skills that propel them to achievement! But the best part about everything I’m about to reveal to you is…

Your child will be having so much fun that they’ll forget they’re learning valuable skills that will turn them into leaders!

My name is Martin Phillips and together with my wife Sandra Phillips we are the owners of Sunshine Coast karate in Maroochydore. I’ve been teaching martial arts for 20 years. One thing that I’ve discovered over the years is that more families bring their kids to martial arts for so many other benefits totally unrelated to kicking and punching. The sad part is that there are too many self defence and martial arts schools out there who claim they can deliver what parents really want but fail miserably at actually delivering it! But Not Sunshine Coast Karate and I Can Prove it to you!

Our curriculum will build physical ability through martial arts, but the true value comes from the positive transformation that occurs in all of our students. They may be shy and then in a short time they’ve got confidence. They may have been a little unruly, but in no time flat they’re focused and respectful. It really goes on and on!

Karate Teaches Young People All The Skills They Need

To Excel At School, At Home And In Life!

Families just like yours from all over the Sunshine Coast are giving their children (and themselves) an unfair advantage. Hear what some of our members have to say.

Gary, Sharron & Renae Saunders

“Her School work and social skills at school have increased incredibly.”

When our daughter first tried Karate, the smile came onto her face. Discipline and the knowledge that she is receiving the very best in training is comforting to know. In the short time that she has been with your dojo, her school work and social skills at school have increased incredibly. I have no hesitation to recommend your form of martial arts, not only for self defence but also for self awareness, personal growth as well as fitness to name a few. Keep it up, you are doing the community a great service.

Gary & Sharron Saunders

(Gary & Sharron pictured left, with their daughter Renae)

Zoe & Mum

“The miracle of karate… She is able to focus and concentrate 100%… And her self-esteem is sky rocketing…”

Martial arts was recommended to us to help our daughter deveolp self-discipline and respect for others. We looked around at a few other martial arts centres before we found an ad for Sunshine Coast Karate. After talking with Martin Phillips, we decided to let our daughter go and see how she went. The dojo was excellent, with wonderful staff and facilities. Martin and Sandra knew exactly what it was we hoped to achieve for our daughter, and they have helped us in any way they possibly can.

Since starting at Sunshine Coast Karate we have noticed some big, encouraging changes in our daughter. She is able to focus and concentrate 100% in training. She is motivated and always excited to go to karate. Our home life has become much more relaxed, as our daughter comes home from karate level-headed and co-operative. She is always practising her moves and her self-esteem is sky rocketing. Our whole family has fallen in love with Martin and Sandra and the miracle of karate.

Andrea Grima

(Zoe & Mum, Andrea, pictured right)

Gabriel Devereux in action

“The focus and discipline of deliberate thought and action inherent in the acquisition of Karate are fabulous life skills to begin honing early in life.”

In the work I used to be involved in, and still am to some degree, I was engaged by large corporations to model excellence where it existed so that it could be passed on, the difference that makes the difference. You both most certainly have that something and are such wonderful models yourselves for young people. I am so very grateful that we found you!

The outcomes of learing Karate for anyone are more relevant than ever in our culture and era.  It all translates back to everyday life so elegantly that when the student applies the processes back to their day to day experiences life will be most enjoyable indeed! I discuss with Gabriel, even at this tender age, what a huge difference how you perceive or think about something makes. The focus and discipline of deliberate thought and action inherent in the acquisition of Karate are fabulous life skills to begin honing early in life so that they are at the individuals disposal later when it can really matter!!

Lindi Devereux

(Lindi’s son Gabriel, pictured left.)


You’ve got Nothing to Lose and YOUR CHILD

Has Everything to Gain..

I’m going to allow you to check out Sunshine Coast Karate at NO Risk to you and at 100% my expense! Let me explain…

You can try Sunshine Coast Karate for 2 Full FREE Weeks! To kick things off I’ll let your family come in for your first lesson where we will meet face to face. At this special martial arts lesson we will help your family get acquainted to our karate school and more importantly make sure your child feels 100% comfortable. At this lesson I’ll teach your child..

  • The 4 laws of razor sharp focus
  • The 7 Magic Words That Get and Give Respect, Instantly
  • The True Meaning of Self-Discipline, so they can actually use it in their lives.
  • The Secret Word That Stops The Bully in His Tracks
  • And Much, Much, More

And, fellow parent, this is only the first lesson!

If you hurry up and Register Online Right Now, you’ll also get…

Your Special FREE GiftJust For You

When You Try Martial Arts Worth $60.00!

2 FREE WEEKS of Unlimited Lessons ($60.00 Value)

To make sure we are right for your family with NO Strings Attached. We’ll do this because we’re so confident that our program will get results!

All you need to do is Register Now Online to claim your FREE Gift.


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Sunshine Coast Karate

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    P.S. I know that this all may sound to good to be true, right? That’s why all you really need to do is say… “Maybe.”

    I’ve made it super easy for your family to explore Sunshine Coast Karate with No Obligation, you really have nothing to lose! But there are a few things you need to know…

    If after your first visit you know that everything we talked about here is true and you beg me to join I still won’t let you. See even though ‘m allowing a few people to try us out for FREE, Sunshine Coast Karate still has a very strict qualification criteria that you must meet. (I’ll allow our “Admissions Director”to go over that with you.)

    The bottom line is this…we operate like a private school and don’t just “Surrender to anyone with a cheque book or Visa card.”  You really need to be the kind of family that is concerned for the future of your child!

    P.P.S. If this sounds like you please take a quick second and Register Now Online, or phone 1800 254 543 .