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Dear Friend,

I’m not sure if you thought Martial Arts were ‘just a kids thing.’ But when you read further you’ll find out that is certainly not the case. Yeah, you’re right, a lot of kids are doing self defence and martial arts. But…Guys just like you are discovering that ‘having it all’ and getting in shape can be a reality with a quality self defence and martial arts program…

I can assure you that what you’re about to discover is something that you’ll find to be simply amazing!

What I’m about to describe to you has the answers you’ve been searching for when it comes to getting in shape and adding some excitement back into your life!

First, please take a second to answer these questions…

Are you interested in managing stress so you can feel better and more accomplished in your business (or career) and personal life everyday?

  • Do you want to get some balance back into your life so you can feel good knowing that you’re looking out for number 1?
  • Are you interested in increasing your self-confidence and personal magnetism to improve your persuasive abilities in your professional and social life?
  • Do you want to get in the best shape of your life without being ‘˜bored’ to tears with your exercise routine?
  • How would like to become more flexible than 90% of your peers so you are less prone to nagging injuries that can zap the quality out of your life?


  • Wouldn’t it be great to get around some goal oriented success conscious people who have the same interests as you?
  • Worried that you are strapped for time and shouldn’t even be considering do anything for yourself?

No worries, you can choose from Sunshine Coast Karate’s convenient schedule of class times that will fit into your busy life!

Great News!

You DO NOT Have To Be ‘˜In Shape’ To Get Started!

Face it! You can’t keep waiting until you are ‘fit enough’ to really get in shape! That’s like waiting until all of the lights are green before you start your commute to work.

Our Self Defence And Martial Arts Training Is Designed To Accommodate You!

We have self defence and martial arts workouts tailored to increase your flexibility, coordination, balance, reflexes, strength and you’ll get in the best shape of your life. I can tell you some amazing stories of students losing up to 25 kgs and doing away with bad habits forever! You’ll be amazed. The bottom line is

You Can Make A Positive Change In Your Life NOW!


But Only If You Take Action.

Jim Moehead

Martial Arts Is Not Just for the Kids!

Training under your guidance and instruction has been tremendous. Not being as young as I used to be, I gave up playing high impact sports as I found it was taking some time to recover after each game. I decided to take up martial arts to keep myself fit and mobile. After trying other martial arts groups, I found your Dojo to be very family orientated, you cater for all age groups, have flexible training times and you direct your teaching equally to all levels. I have been training with you for a few years now and within that time, you have gently but firmly pushed me when I needed it most and this has made a world of difference with my progress at training.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Jim Moehead

(Pictured left.)

Rob Muellner

“I really enjoy the environment here at the Maroochydore dojo. The members of teaching team are very approachable and helpful all the time”

I took up martial art because I was looking for an activity that not just exercises my body but also my mind. I want to maintain my physical fitness but running and cycling became too mono tone for me.
I thought about working out at a gym but again this would leave the mental side of things alone.
My job is stressful at times and very often I have taken work home with me. During exercising I have been thinking about work on many occasions and therefore did not get the full benefit out of the exercise. I wanted to find an activity which would require my full attention to take me away from the day to day stresses of life.

The offer of trial sessions was a great opportunity to see and feel wether martial art was the type of recreational activity I wanted to participate in. I received a friendly and inviting welcome not only from the staff but also from other participants. I felt that Sunshine Coast Karate is operating in a very positive environment. Smiling faces everywhere.

I believe that martial art has changed my personality since I am happier in life in general.
Even though my job is not monotonous at all I have become frustrated and negative and somehow disappointed with humanity through the things that I have seen in my occupation.
The focus required during training takes me away for the time of the session but the experience as a whole and the motivation for progression remains inside me for hours and days until the next time.
Even though I am a shift worker and my sleep patterns are somehow disturbed, since I have started martial arts the quality of my sleep has improved.
In general I am a happier person and have a more positive outlook compared with my past.

I really enjoy the environment here at the Maroochydore dojo. The members of teaching team are very approachable and helpful all the time. People arrive with all sorts of facial expressions but everyone leaves with a smile on their faces. Personal goals and wishes are accommodated and all age groups are thought of. The training times really suit me as I am a shift worker. The location is close from where I live but there is easy access from all directions. The instructors really know what they are talking and teaching about, they have been doing Karate at a high level and standard for a while.

Training at Maroochydore is fun, energetic, motivating. It is a great workout and a positive environment to be in!

My physical fitness, balance and flexibility have improved. I am a happier person with a fun focus in mind that is in balance with my working life.

Rob Muellner

(Pictured left.)


You can reach all of your fitness and life goals and we can help! The results are clear to anyone smart enough to check us out.

Our school, Sunshine Coast Karate, is founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention and tradition. At Sunshine Coast Karate, our instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skill, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. We know that each student has different goals and we help you reach yours, plain and simple!

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