Congratulations John Boman – Your First Book, DONE!

by Martin Phillips on 6 July 2011

John Boman’s first book, “The Spirit of the Moon”…  A great story of what’s possible when you focus your efforts and follow your dream.  No, I’m not talking about the book, I’m talking about the story of how the book came to be.

You may have already heard about John’s book through the grapevine.  We’re very proud of his efforts in taking the steps towards fulfilling his lifelong dream.  He only made the decision that he was finally going to get started about 4 months ago, and now his first book is done and ready to go to print.

John had always wanted to be a writer and although it had been his dream for many years, he never really got started, until recently that is…  Like so many other people, John let life get in the way, he made excuses and he procrastinated.  But all that changed, shortly after he started training at Sunshine Coast Karate.

After a frustrating start to his training, John reached out for some help.  In class, he felt really uncoordinated, self-conscious and just wasn’t having as much fun as he thought he would.  Usually John wouldn’t ask for help, but he had seen the incredible transformations his whole family was going through as a result of their involvement at Sunshine Coast Karate, so he went against his natural character, took a leap of faith and asked for help.

After a brief discussion, John realised that his negative self talk had been stopping him from enjoying his training.  But there was more to it than that, he also realised that this was holding him back in a lot of things, including his dream of being a published author.

After a few more chats, a considerable amount of introspection and encouragement from his family and his new dojo friends, John started writing.  With commitment, persistence and daily goals, John finished the writing in record time.  THE SPIRIT OF THE MOON is the first book in a new fantasy series for children and young adults aged 8-15 (and big kids too!). This story will appeal to fans of Harry Potter or fantasy in general.  Pre-order your copy before Wednesday 20 July for just $10 and you’ll be one of the lucky few to get a signed copy which is sure to be a collector’s edition one day! Order forms are available at the dojo.

“The Spirit of the Moon” A Children’s Fantasy Novel

On one fateful night, someone has used dark magic and captured the Goddess that lives within the moon. Who has done this and for what nefarious purpose? And how is this connected to a strange little town called SOVEREIGN CREEK? Two mysterious strangers, MR AND MRS WELLINGTON, have arrived in town to find out exactly what has happened to the Moon Spirit, before a terrible fate befalls the Earth. Aiding them in their quest will be twelve year old MAXIMUS WALKER, a local young boy too curious for his own good. Will they succeed in their mission and if so, what price will be paid? This is book 1 of the Scary Sovereign Creek Saga.

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