Game On !

by on 16 August 2012

I’m sure by now, that all of the members of the Chito-Ryu Queensland Team have received and read the bulletin from our Sensei.

I wonder if like me, other Queensland Team Members took it as a personal call to arms.

The opportunity to be a member of this team is gold.

I am new to this sport, its environment and its culture. In fact I no longer view it as a sport. It is beyond that. It is a defining lifestyle, a pathway. I am reaping so many rewards from involvement, physically, mentally, emotionally.

I ask myself why I was offered the opportunity – I also have asked our Sensei. Regardless of the answer from them I know that I have a point to prove to myself that I deserve the right to be part of the team.

I come from an elite sport background, I have coached at the Olympics, I understand the role of coach/teacher (Sensei) and also the role of student. In my Chito-Ryu journey I am a very, very basic level student in terms of skill set and experience.

So what do I take from the bulletin received?

  1. Look in the mirror and see if there were elements within the letter that were relevant to me – of course there were – I took it personally.
  2. Touch base with Sensei to check what if anything is needed from their perspective and also share with them what my plans are, where I am at , where I may need assistance from them or others , where I plan to be. I cannot stress this enough…mushrooms get eaten, make the most of the people who are there to nurture, lead and advise.
  3. Take value in the team, many people within the team, Sensei and team members, will be putting in a lot of time and effort. I want to be one of the people putting in the time and effort. I want to earn the respect of the team members in that they understand I am making an effort.
  4. Take value in the others within the Dojo community – I have a responsibility to them. I also need to demonstrate my respect for the them and their standards by not treating the opportunity lightly.

I have, as I’m sure have many, missed opportunities. I cannot think of a time when this was due to anything or anyone other than me. I have missed Olympic Selection – me – not enough work. Missed winning Championships – me, not enough preparation, and so the list goes on. I have missed opportunities to be a good husband, good parent, good son etc etc. It’s always back to me. I know I am not different in this sense. My point here is that only I can control what I do.

So, after a few goods coffees I plan to get the train back on the track (sorry for the metaphor but if you have seen me do kata there is train and wreck in there somewhere, so it fits), make sure that I have not missed anything in terms of a preparation sense and challenge myself to do what I need to do to deserve the opportunity and to benefit from it. It is and is meant to be fun. I do it because it’s enjoyable and make me feel good.
My experience in sport and in business is that successful people/teams are a bit like ice bergs, you only see what is on top (not the immense amount below the surface that is preparation/effort/focus/support). (I’m really into the metaphors today !! ). I look forward to being a member of a successful Queensland Team. One that has enjoyed the moment, values the work of its members, coaches and supporters and just has fun!

Game On!

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