Words of wisdom from Sensei Sandra – New School Year, Back To Basics, When To Quit

by Martin Phillips on 1 February 2013

Sensei Sandra from Sunshine Coast Karate offers a few words of wisdom sharing some of her current challenges with her own children getting back to school and the emotional roller coast that brings as routines are re-established and some of the basics are a bit of balance.

At this time of the year it’s not unusual to see a lot of children wanting to quit karate. Parents know it’s good for them for so may reasons and the kids have fun and even thrive in the dojo environment, but all too often it’s easier to give in to desire to quit than find out what’s really happening.

Here are some great words of advice from Sensei Sandra…

“Every decision you make has the potential to either grow your confidence or sabotage your self esteem. So whenever you make an important decision, take your time to get back to the basics, achieve your next goal, then make the decision from a high emotional state.”

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