Cath’s Story – What Got Me Started

by Martin Phillips on 25 June 2013

Recently we’ve been asking some of our members what got them started at Sunshine Coast Karate and what keeps them coming back.  Here’s the response we got from one of our karate Mum’s Cath Amos.  A few years back Cath’s husband Adam got started with us.  Then when their kids were old enough they got started, and now finally Cath started.  It happens all the time, one in all in.

I started at Sunshine Coast Karate as the rest of my family was attending the dojo regularly and enjoying training there. I was hesitant at first but was very quickly put at ease by both Sensei’s and also other members of the dojo.

I keep coming back to Sunshine Coast Karate as it has become a regular part of my family’s life and my personal training. The benefits of training at the dojo are many, being able to train with my family is fantastic and knowing that my children are growing up learning these skills gives me peace. Not only do they learn self defence they also are learning respect and discipline in and outside of the dojo. I know within myself that I am getting stronger not only physically but also mentally. I am more aware of the way I approach my life. I am more confident but also calmer within myself.

Members of Sunshine Coast Karate are blessed with two brilliant Sensei’s who both have a unique teaching approach. They are both motivational and inspirational. I can highly recommend anyone to train at Sunshine Coast Karate.

It’s always great to hear when members are loving their karate and it’s great to have a Cath and her family part of the dojo.

Here’s a photo of Cath and her daughter Abigail, after Cath’s first tournament just last month.  First place in kata Cath, not bad for your first tournament!  I think she might be hooked now!

And here’s a great pic that Cath’s husband Adam shared, showing off Cath’s new hot pink mouthguard as she does a little bit of training at home in preparation for her very first kumite (sparring class) last Friday night.  Nothing like stepping out of the comfort zone.  Good on you Cath!

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